Racehorse Stallions

There a 6 famous deceased South African thoroughbred stallions carefully painted by  Sue Reece. Very limited editions, numbered and signed. Limited to only  1 5 of each particular stallion .No base provided -reduces weight and costs but a plaque is provided with the name of the piece and the artist.

Warmblood stallions

These are copies of 6 well know (but not named ) Warmblood stallions or Appaloosa sport horses.  Limited edition of only 1 5 of each particular stallion.Also  no wooden base but a plaque is provided,

Walking Stallions

Copies of particular stallions (not named here) carefully painted by Sue Reece. Also limited to 15 for each Stallion. No bases provided but highly recommended. Includes a plaque indicating the name of the piece and creator.


Limited to 30 in each colour. No wooden base included but includes a plaque indicating the name of the art piece and the creator.

Also included in this grouping is the ARAAPPALOOSAS